Superstar Gin Rin Kohaku!

Now nearing the end of our trip we recapped the amazing koi purchased. Many to bring back home, but also koi to reside in Japan.

Having our Showa and Sanke at Momotaro Koi Farm, we felt as if there was still a hole to be filled… some red and white from Momotaro! On viewing our 2 koi in the 330,000 gallon growing pond at Momotaro, both the Sanke and Showa seem to have grown immensely. Hopefully within the next few weeks this pond will be harvested and we’ll be able to really see how they’ve done. Both look like monsters!

So, Sanke, Showa, but no Kohaku. On the hunt we went…

Momotaro have recently built a brand new fish house, which is where the parent koi are kept, along with their high class nisai/sansai. Maeda-san and Adam of Momotaro gathered their essentials for netting koi and we started the selection process.

A Gin Rin Kohaku of 58cm, ake-Nisai was released from the sock and WOW! Never seen a Gin Rin quite like it. The body structure is perfect, gin rin outstanding, beni quality and shiroji sublime. At only a year and 8 months old, this is certainly going in the right direction!

Maeda-san held his heads in his hands as he realised what we had picked out of the pond. This word shouldn’t be taken lightly but this koi is his “kashira” (the very best) of his Gin Rin Kohaku Nisai. Being an offspring of TM Kohaku, this has every chance of reaching 85cm+. No one in the koi world has taken gin rin koi to this level, not only holding the consistent gin rin scalation, but also attaining a huge size!

The cherry on top for a fantastic trip.

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