Black and white Wonders

In April this year we selected six tosai around the 27cm mark, to leave as Azukari under Omosako’s care. Prior to our arrival Takahiro-san got in touch and made us aware that unfortunately three of the six had turned out to be male. He was explaining that this year sexing the koi prior to placing them in the mud ponds has been harder than ever. To sex them at such a young age really isn’t easy and that a 50% female rate was actually OK come harvest time.

Being the gentleman he is Takahiro-san was very apologetic over the matter and we could tell he was genuinely annoyed too! A few jokes and laughter soon had us all smiling so we drove into town to grab lunch. During lunch discussions were had and we settled on a plan… So back to the fish house we went!! It almost sounded like Takahiro-san had something up his sleeve…..

Didn’t he just!!! A remarkable Nisai of 51cm was duly netted and placed in the bowl. A picture perfect Shiro, that has everything going for it. Pure white skin, jet black sumi, a real glossy shine to the sumi, textbook motoguro and a perfect body shape. Takahiro-san has really high hopes for this koi. Watch the menware come through on the head!!

We also selected another koi that is a real project koi. A very large frame for a Shiro, it was recently harvested so it will be great to see it come Spring. Both koi are staying as Azukari next year.

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