Number 1 Narita !

Back in May we spent a few days at Narita Koi Farm, there is so much to see with fish from every breeder you could think of, with 5cm Yamabuki Ogons to All Japan Grand Champions. The effort and care put into their Koi is second to none, the facility is immaculate and hospitality could not be better.

We were very excited to visit Narita this trip as you just never know what Narita-San has hidden around the corner.

Among the koi that were bowled we duly purchased 2 of them. Both to be entered into koi shows in Japan.

One of the koi purchased is a Sanke from Hiroi Koi Farm. Every aspect of this koi screams quality, beni quality of this kind is rarely seen. The word “Beautiful” does not do this koi justice.



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