Sublime Sanke’s at Marudo

As well as purchasing numerous koi to be shipped back this Autumn, we have been hunting down a few very special koi to be left as Azukari, or to be entered into Koi shows while in Japan.

Marudo Koi Farm is renowned for his excellent Sanke, perfect! It didn’t take us long to spot this magnificent creature. Female Yonsai of 71cm, pure white shiroji, beni quality to die for, and extremely high class sumi. This really caught our eye, a very unique pattern! This Sanke is staying for a year in Marudo’s care, Marudo-San has high expectations for this koi, so of course, we are very exited!

While viewing recently harvested nisai Sanke, again, one Sanke took our breath away. Male this time, at 48cm. Fingers crossed this will be entered into the Wakagoi Koi show next year. Super high class Sanke. Perfect sumi placement, excellent glossy sumi.

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