Yagenji stunners

A baking hot day in Niigata, we had an appointment to visit Yagenji Koi Farm, set high up overlooking the valley we made our way into the first first house. We had purchased a couple of koi prior to visiting so we had to photo and video these, but we couldn’t turn down picking over some of his koi, as they looked so good!

Beautiful Gin Rin Varieties here, as well as Kikusui, Goshiki and Doitsu.

At the Nagaoka a few days ago a very nice Gin Rin Showa caught our eye, immediately we put it on hold with Yagenji. Seeing it today in the pond, and then in the bowl, it was a no brainer! Simply stunning. This had won a 2nd place award at the show. This really is a beautiful Gin Rin Showa, it has a phenomenal body shape for a male!

Other purchases included were Kikusui, Ai Goromo, Showa and Benigoi.

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