Day 3 – Yamazaki, Mustard or Custard ?

Once we had made our choices at Hiroi we popped over to Yamazaki Koi Farm.

Yamazaki had one of his best summers this year and the results really showed. Cracking koi of all varieties.

Greeted by his warm welcome, Yamazaki-San duly netted up a perfectly clean Karashigoi that we had our eye on from the moment we walked into the fish house, clean as a whistle with a lovely body conformation. Purchasing just one Karashigoi was hard… so we picked out a rather nice Doitsu Karashigoi too! What a pair these two were. Great scalation on the Doitsu, all of the scales running symmetrically and of equal size throughout the koi.

We are sure to be back here in Spring for some of his HQ Tosai.

Normal Scaled Karashigoi is 58cm

Doitsu is 60cm.

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