Day Three in Niigata

Our last day in the Koi Capital of the World. Potentially a big day for us as we had many famous breeders in mind, with a few appointments lined up we were very excited, especially for our last appointment of the day Marudo !

To start with we made our way to Dainichi Koi farm in order to  photograph and video koi purchased from the auction the previous week. We were very very pleased with their condition, a number of these are staying as Azukari, but we do have 10 tosai and 4 special male fish that are on their way back to the UK. 3 females will be staying in the mud ponds for the summer.

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Next stop, Isa Koi Farm is certainly a place of dreams. Another beautiful day, we strolled along the stream, running parallel to the mud ponds. Absolutely stunning Showa here in particular, outstanding specimens. One thing that was apparent here, all of these huge fish had VERY attractive patterns, sumi all falling on the white ground, perfect body shapes, with jet black sumi.

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Before heading to our appointment at Marudo we made a quick stop at Oyaji Koi Farm, undoubtedly the master of Gin Matsuba’s. Very friendly wife, husband and dog trio viewing perfect examples of Gin Matsuba’s was a nice change of scenery.  With huge examples in the ponds, adjacent to them, tiny tosai that showed real promise.

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Our final stop in Niigata, and Japan for Spring 2015 was Marudo Koi Farm.

A vat full of his very high quality Jumbo tosai were prepare for us in a vat, around 15 or 20 pieces were selected for us to choose from. One box was on order here, 6 koi, all female, all very high quality. You won’t see this type of quality anywhere else in the UK from Marudo, these offer real potential and are sure to see the show circuit in the coming years. After selecting our 6, Marudo double checked their sex, one he was not sure of, so instead of taking the risk we put back a female that we had only just removed. Glad we did, as this has a really bright future.

Just a sneaky preview of the koi purchased at Marudo. Final purchases for Queni-Koi Spring 2015, crackers !

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