Okawa Koi Farm, Yuji a man of many laughs!

After shaking hands with Hiroki Ueno, we made our way to Yuji’s koi farm, again an impressive premises, simple things such as wide concrete floors, well designed ponds, the lack of filters ( ponds fed by springs) there was a really nice *silence*, with the good ventilation also which made it a pleasant temperature. On arrival we spent some time watching the farms elders carrying out the first selection of a recent Shiro Utsuri spawning, it was great to see the speed and efficiency of how the masters do it ! Within a few hours, a bowl swarming with tiny black fry.

A large quiet koi house that backed onto dozens of mud ponds. Yuji, a very friendly guy that would always nod and laugh… at everything! A great sense of humour.

On viewing one of the large long ponds just as you enter the fish house, we noticed an interesting Maruten Sanke, about 55cm or so, it was a very attractive fish from what we could see, Yuji made us aware it was already sold, however he did have a maruten sanke hiding away in one of the ponds full of larger fish…… this could get interesting !

76cm. Need I say anymore ? I think the video does the talking !

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