Ueno Koi Farm, black red and white. Unique hospitality.

A long long distance to cover from Okayama where we had spent the night, all the way down to Kyushu prefecture. Yuji Tanaka from Okawa Koi Farm meeting us at the train station in Kurume it was an hour or two drive to the koi farm. We conversed with Yuji to great length, with many laughs and stories being told he seemed like a genuinely good guy, very hard working indeed!

First though to Ueno Koi Farm a good friend of Yuji, who produces really nice koi their speciality being Showa.
Another stunning scenic part of the country. Having missed a lot of it on the train down due to a few kips, hopefully the Northbound journey we’ll be able to witness this great country even more!

A fantastic little place Ueno Koi Farm is, although not huge quantities as other farms we have visited, every pond had stunning examples, mainly of course Showa, but numerous Kohaku among others were of top order. Spoilt for choice !

A lovely family farm, one of our “hosts”, must have been only 5 years old, dressed in traditional Japanese clothes, we were constantly being supplied with bottles of water and soft drinks, a lovely memory and a beautifully scorching day, much needed hydration !
One lovely purchase by us today, a stunning Showa with great stats of 66cm and Nisai ! Having not been fed since the All Japan Show in February, body was looking good, broad head and huge structure with perfect lines. The sumi quality is gorgeous, again Azukari, but simply a must have. Cannot wait to see this after a year in the mud ponds.

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