Omosako, the Shiro Utsuri Master.

A great location again, with sloping roads winding through the farm, one direction following up into the hills, the opposite direction a great expanse of poly tunnels and flat farmland that stretched for miles. Another baking hot day, it was very tough viewing potential purchases in the koi houses. Viewing some famous koi in the one off “customers” pond was stunning, we could clearly see why these take major prizes at the AJKS year on year, not only the AJKS but shows around the globe.

To begin with we bowled our two Nisai Shiro Utsuri’s, purchased back in February 2015, we were very impressed, especially with their growth rate as they’ve had no pellet feed throughout winter. Looking very well, Takahiro-san talked to us about which one he favoured. He pointed to the less finished one of the two explaining how this has a slightly better future than the other one. We were gobsmacked! That said it all for us, as the other Shiro was simply stunning in the bowl, for now and in the future. Superb bodies, pure skin colour these are really something. Excuse the photos, we couldn’t spend much time snapping away as they weren’t behaving in the bowl and we didn’t want to let them get too stressed. I’m sure you all understand!

With numerous black and white beauties on offer, there was a surprising nice amount of Goshiki. Yet only a hobby for Takihiro, we questioned him at lunch how long it will take to produce All Japan winners at 90bu Goshiki, his reply “Hmmmmm, 10 years”, and we all started laughing. Great guy that has a captivating laugh, never failing to smile. Takahiro’s English is very good and has visited the UK a number of times which makes it very easy to converse with him. Learning about his farm, the family, the history in-depth, it was really motivational, a very inspiring first day at Omosako Koi Farm, hopefully our friendship grows and we can build even more bridges with this truly UNIQUE breeder.

Prior to arrival, discussions were made with Takahiro-san about selecting us some really good Tategoi from his top pond. Just before we arrived he was in the process of bowling them, he grinned, shrug his shoulders and said. “You shouldn’t look!”, bowled up and ready to view. Comments from the camp like “It’s Christmas!”  were the lesser of exclamations!….

As he removed the cover from the bowl, a moment of silence was held……Not because we were sad, but because we were mourning the loss of our wallets…to a certain extent anyway.
We just had to have them. Absolutely stunning, within 10 minutes we had them photographed and videoed, which gave us more time to stand in awe. These Koi will be staying in Japan for the foreseeable future. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to see these in hobbyists ponds within the UK and in a show vat at our top shows back home. On another note, we have been given great confidence in the farm’s capabilities, so when they do reach the UK, they will become one of a kind koi, for us, and anyone wishing to purchase one. Who knows, we may see one or two at shows in the Eastern World !

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