On the road again.

Our first journey which involved no breeder visits today, much needed to catch up with work! A quick comfy ride Paul taking the wheel, we had serious ground to cover. Leaving early made sure we were allowed us to have a civilised evening meal at a local Korean restaurant. Lengthy discussions about the hobby in Japan, the professionalism of the Japanese, the ever growing quality of koi in the UK. Paul Ashton from Koi Bito, our full of laughter guide for part of our trip, Ricky Stoddart from Koi Wholesale who has (maybe two) serious eyes for koi, and Mike Hughes first time UK hobbyist visit to Japan with great aspirations for the promotion of the hobby. With these guys, the future is bright in the UK for Koi, and everywhere else! An early night, much needed after the non stop travelling, scorching hot fish houses, and serious koi purchasing over the last few days.

Good night !

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