Momotaro Koi Farm

Leaving Okayama centre early to get to Momotaro saw us arriving very overwhelmed. Not only the scale of the facility, but the amazing scenery. Situated by the serene Asahi River, with a great back drop, it was time to see some our Koi purchased earlier in the year, and possibly find some new pieces.
On meeting Daisuke Maeda, humbled by his history and where he is today, he walked us to one fish house where we would see our Momotaro Red Tiger Showa for the first time in the flesh since purchasing her earlier this year. Peering into the pond, the immense water flow disturbing the waters surface, somehow it didn’t take long to spot her. Imposing and making a statement in the pond, we couldn’t keep our eyes off her. Duly netted and bowled, we were blown away with the quality. Smiles all round with many pat on the backs, having grown 4cm since November 2014, in coolish water it was stunning. The body firstly was phenomenal, imagine

how she’d look after a summers growth ! The sumi having developed tremendously, appearing just where we’d want it, the beni blowing us away with the glossy colour and depth. Daisuke-san was not impressed that it was looking so good! He sold it for too cheap! Coming from a parent of 97cm, sibling only to Lion Queen the 2014 AJKS Grand Champion, this is certainly a special fish and puts the icing on the cake.

Next up our Sanke, well. What a fish! Again, the first time we’ve seen it since being purchased earlier on in the year. Astonishing, never did we think this would turn out like it has, only a few months later ! Cannot wait to see how it does this year. This Sanke has real potential, a perfect koi for Shows in the UK that is just asking for trophies in many years to come. The Sumi, Beni and Shiroji are just all exquisite a real pleasure seeing this in the bowl.

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A lovely lunch at one of many Momotaro owned cafe’s/restaurants, saw us having a sublime curry, perfect iced coffee, surrounded by “Old Boys” the families restoration car garage for serious cars! The smell of leather in that garage will stay with me for life.

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  1. Just want to say my ponds now up and running
    And a big big thank you to lee for an excellent job
    My filter system is brilliant cheers lee and all the staff
    Regards Ray Jackson

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