No.1 Koi in the World ? I think so.

Following morning we reached Narita Koi Farm, after discussion with Narita the previous night he promised he’d have some special pieces for us. He did not disappoint ! A lovely professional set up, hospitality was second to none and whilst wandering around the hundreds of ponds and tanks, we could have easily blown the budget 10x over at this place! Great day out. Ryuki himself, a very kind generous person, a true business man that at the end of the day only one thing at heart, the koi!

Purchasing 10 special Maruyama tosai Showa, these are little gems in the making. It’s clear to see they have the tell tell signs of growing well, developing very well indeed and becoming even better fish ! The glossy skin was evident with each one of them, lovely body shapes and even better patterns.

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Photos to follow.

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