Surprises at Nagoshi

As we start making our way South, a lovely place to stop off at and spend the day was Nagoshi Koi Farm in the Toyama prefecture located a few minutes drive from the Western coastline. On arrival, welcoming tea, coffee, and cake were consumed over introductions. Walking around the numerous koi houses, and outdoor ponds it was clear to see there were some serious fish here! After some persuasion and a bit of patience we managed to net two ponds of his Tategoi Tosai that were just about to go into the mud ponds. Kohaku and Showas were in mind today, we were not disappointed. 

The selection process began, as the koi were placed into a bowl for us it was time to really get an eye in. One by one, our selection bowl would get better and better. Finding it hard to pick faults with them discussions went back and forth between the Father and Son, prices arranged, happy days.

With stunning panoramic views of endless rice paddy fields, a backdrop of snow coated mountains, It was a perfect way to start our koi buying experience from the masters.

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