Day Two – Dainichi Koi Farm Auction 2015

Arriving at Dainichi Koi farm at around 8.45am, following on from the previous day we spent time viewing potential purchases, and of course taking a look at the special auction lots, stunning koi were in abundance. Taking our seats, the auction began.

As the koi were wheeled down the red carpet, people shot up out of their seats to have a final view before placing their bids. 

After 3 hours of fierce bidding, it was lunch time. Everyone with big grins on their faces, friendly words were shared between breeders and dealers alike about their purchases. Managing to secure some special individual pieces and two lots of mixed tosai, spirits were high in the camp at lunch! Taking our seats it was time to resume the bidding frenzy. Numerous koi reaching 7 figures, it was great to see the major dealers from around Asia and the World battle it out. Another 3 or 4 hours it was all over. A fascinating day. Great fun. Now time for dinner and an ice cold beer. Much needed after sitting in a 30c+ koi house for 6 hours!

In total we came away with 7 individual pieces, and 10 mixed tosai. In a few days time we’ll be back at Dainichi to get videos and a few more snaps. Here are some pictures from the day. 

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