On Route

A short but sweet time in Heathrow awaiting our flight to Paris. Lovely airline lounge with a good breakfast to boot ! One member of the party did complain about the plate sizes, mentioning no names ..…. Alas, another breakfast was waiting for us on the short flight to Paris.

Short transfer between terminals in Paris, we made our way to the next airline lounge. Whilst we were being spoken to in French, we nodded and pretended to understand every word. Soon after sitting down in the lounge it was time to board our onward plane to Japan.

An interesting lunch was served with an array of French / Japanese cuisine, all a bit strange. Soon after that the lights were dimmed, one by one people started to recline their chairs horizontally. We’re scheduled to land at around 8am local time, so hopefully we are able to get in a few hours rest to prepare ourselves for the different time zone.

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