Japan Buying Trip Spring 2015

****Japan Trip 25th April****
Exciting news, we depart 25th April for a 13 day trip to some of the very best koi farms in Japan. We hope to take in the International Junior koi show on our first day. Day 2 Dainichi auction, then travel to Nagoshi, Narita, Kondo and Dainichi Toyota.
Next stop the usual ones down south, Matsue, Omosako, Taniguchi, Okawa, Ueno, Sakai Hiroshima and anyone else we can cram in. Then back to Niigata for 2-3 days. A couple of projects we hope to pick for, along with Quality Tosai and Nisai. A daily blog will be on our website and linked via Facebook as well.
Koi will be made available to purchase while we are in japan at special rates. Please message with any special requirements


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